How to get your Option file to work without Xbox Live

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How to get your Option file to work without Xbox Live

Post by stjepanp on Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:31 pm

Download data pack 6 from here #!F5VwnI7Q!CFDwaxI4X7Xh6lUBIZL2KgLGClxeP9CA-NhvIzh2IgA
When done do the following:

1. Configure a USB stick using your xbox 360 so that it can read content from it. Follow this guide if you're not sure
2. Download a program called horizon from this link
3. Open horizon and insert your USB in your PC. Then drag and drop the DLC file in horizon. A winder will pop up in horizon. Choose save to device in horizong. It will automatically place the file in the correct folder on your USB.

4. Now connect your USB to your Xbox 360. Go to settings -> Storage -> Find your USB and open it. Then copy the DLC content from the USB to your HDD.

5. When this is done, start PES 2013 and your DLC should work. Make sure you have the latest title update for your media ID as well. You might need that for the latest data pack.


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